The Reason Why Computers Need Restart after Installing Software

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Certainly, there would be some annoying things from your Windows computer if you didn’t restart it after installing a software program or a system update. There would be the reason why Windows computers need restart after installing software on your Windows computer.

In such case, most Windows users blame the operating system for wasting a few essential minutes of their activity. So, after installing a software program, you should give a couple minutes up to restart your Windows computer.

Why Computers Need Restart after Installing Software?

Your Windows OS Needs Restart after Installing Software


When you are installing a software program on your Windows computer, there would be some changes on its DLL files. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. This kind of file is a Windows library file as a compiled code which can be used by other programs or applications.

The changes on the current DLL files could damage the DLL files and the computer performance is slowing down. It’s one of the reasons why Windows computers need a restart after installing a software program. The computer restart can help the operating system to freely changing the relevant files. You cannot replace DDL files when they are being used.

The Windows operating system cannot replace DDL files when they are being used.

Generally, the restart on Windows OS is necessary for the installation of system update process to make some changes and adding some critical functions to the system. Moreover, latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 10, is the version that most need to restart. Because when you install a software program on your Windows 10 computer, there would be more data changes than to the previous version Windows OS versions.

Do other Operating Systems Need Restart after Installing Software?

Computer Restart

It’s really different to the Linux operating system. You don’t need to restart your Linux computer after installing a software program or system update process. Unless, after running a very important system work process such as the importance of a kernel upgrade. The kernel upgrades on Linux operating system will work to replace some old files with the new files.

Meanwhile, Apple MacOS computers need restart only after a system update. Actually, you can set your Windows OS manually for installing a software program without restart after the installation. But, it’s certainly a complicated work for a common user. Therefore, restarting your Windows computer is a much easier solution.

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