A Simple Tutorial on Make Glossy Emblem Text Effects in Photoshop

Actually, making a glossy emblem text art in Photoshop is really simple. This tutorial is available for most versions of Photoshop. If you want to make glossy emblem text effects, make sure your Photoshop is ready. The following are the 4 simple steps to demonstrate the tutorial on how to make glossy emblem text effects in Photoshop.

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make Glossy Emblem Text Effects in Photoshop

Step 1: Start a New Canvas in your Photoshop at 800×600

Start a new work in your Photoshop and set the size of the canvas at 800×600 pixels. In this tutorial, the background of the glossy emblem text effects is a dark perforated background.  However, you may also use another pattern and color to the background as you want. To add a perforated background for your new image in Photoshop is easy. Simply by cutting out a circles pattern from the background and set a subtle bevel. Instead, you may also use another texture or you want to make it just exactly the same as in this tutorial.

Step2: Add a Text Layer

The second step is adding a text layer to your artwork. At this tutorial, I use the black Trajan Pro font at 425px to overwrite the previous layer. You can type anything on the text layer as you want.

Step 3: Add the Broadside of Layer Effects

At this step, you are going to add the broadside of layer effects. To do so, select your text and do some settings to drop the shadow on Layer → Layer Style→ Drop Shadow and then, a drop shadow settings window will be opened. Make sure the broadside has been added to the text. Until here, you are going to do some settings and blending. Look at the different layout maps being used. You may also use a larger layout maps composition if you want to.

Drop Shadow Settings:

Follow the drop shadow settings for the text layer as shown in the image below!

Inner Glow Settings:

Now, go to Layer → Layer Style → Inner Glow. The setting options window will appear. There you can do some settings to add an inner glow effect to the text layer.

Bevel and Emboss Settings:

Still your work on the text layer, now, you are going to give the Bevel and Emboss to the text. Go again to Layer → Layer Style → Bevel and Emboss. And adjust the settings as the picture below.

Contour Settings:

Stay your work on the Bevel and Emboss settings window, click the Contour settings. Give a Rounded Steps element and thick the Anti-aliased.

Satin Settings:

Then, go to Layer → Layer Style → Satin and set the preferences like the settings below.

Gradient Overlay Settings:

At this step, go again to Layer → Layer Style → Gradient Overlay. Set the preferences. Take a look the picture below how to set the preferences. After that, click the Gradient editor.

The following is the preview of the gradient settings window to make a color ramp for the Gradient Overlay of your text effect:

Stroke Settings:

Go to Layer → Layer Style → Stroke and set the preferences exactly like the preview below.

Then, set the stroke’s gradient. Take a look at the image below how to set the stroke’s gradient:

The result would be like the image below.

Now, the reflective emblem with metal trim on your artwork should be visible. But in step 4, you still need to add additional shadow to make the text’s shadow a bit depth.

Step 4: Add a Motion Blur Filter

The last step is to add a motion blur filter to the shadow of your text. Press Ctrl and click the text’s layer simultaneously (for Windows PC) or press Command and click on the text’s layer simultaneously (for Mac computer). Then, make a new layer and place it under the styled text (Ctrl + Shift + N). You are going to fill the selection you just made with a black color. Then, press Ctrl + D (for Windows PC) Command + D (for Mac PC) to deselect it. After that, add Motion Blur filter at -85 (minus eighty-five degree) angle and with a distance at 39px.

Finally, place the last layer you just made down one step to make most of the shadow falls below the text.

If you have done all the steps correctly, you should be successful to make Make the Glossy Emblem Text Effects in Photoshop. You may also add some effects to your glossy emblem text by applying your creativity.

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