Ten Causes of High RAM Usage and How to Fix Them

It would be very annoying for you when your computer is getting slow in the ongoing process of your work. The exhausted space of your RAM can waste your time in waiting for a running program to finish the command. Moreover, the running program is quite heavy, and you are pursuing a work deadline. It feels like would like to throw the computer and replace it with a new one. One of the so many possible causes that make a computer slow or freeze is the full RAM usage. So, on this article, you are finding out which is among the causes of high ram usage that makes your computer works slow or freeze.

Perhaps you found the usage of your pc is full even before you run any application when you only turned your computer on. In many cases, a computer crashes due to the total RAM usage. Such situation is troublesome.

The leverage of RAM towards the computer performance is very influential. A PC or Laptop will not turn on if the RAM is damaged. RAM is one of the parts of computer hardware with a function to store data temporarily or a set of instructions by the processor.

There are many causes of high RAM usage, one of which is the lack of RAM capacity. But if your RAM capacity is adequate, but your computer got a freeze, you need to find out the source of the problems that cause the RAM usage is too high. The following are the top ten list of most likely causes of high RAM usage.

Ten Cases of High RAM Usage

1. Too Many Start-up Applications

A start-up application is a programmable application to run automatically when the computer is on (start-up). You can see all start-up applications on your computer by typing msconfig in the Run box (win + R). Applications that run on the startup are usually essential applications such as antivirus, firewall, and other helper applications. However, other not-important applications sometimes that are also run on the startup.

Startup applications will cause your RAM space load a lot since you just turned on the computer. As a result, there’s not enough room for the RAM to execute another program, and when you run a hard application, the performance of your computer will decrease drastically, and the RAM space becomes full. To fix such issue, you need to deactivate some applications that run immediately on the start-up. But make sure you prioritize important applications to run on the startup such as antivirus and firewall. Run other applications when you need them. That way will free your RAM space which was previously exhausted by the startup applications. It’s one of the ways to make your computer performance becomes optimal.

2. The Lack of RAM Capacity

The insufficient RAM capacity will cause the usage of the RAM space quickly full. Newer software products are typically using more computer memory due to the quality and features of the program. Therefore, when you run the latest software programs using standard computer specifications with a standard RAM capacity, the space of the RAM will be full quickly. Such case is one of the causes of high RAM usage. So, you should switch to using legacy software programs, or upgrade your computer’s RAM capacity. The development of most needed software applications keeps going. It’s why all large tech companies are participating in the development of the sixth generation of computers.

3. Too Many Running Services

In addition to the startup application, some services will also run automatically at the time of your computer start-up. It’s quite often program services also run and automatically fill the RAM space. So, program services may become one of the causes of high RAM usage. For example, svchost.exe services which are often run a lot and exhaust the RAM space. You need to stop those services, to free up your RAM space.

4. Problematic Memory

The usage of your computer memory can quickly be exhausted of you use a problematic RAM and even can make your computer restarts automatically, hangs, and even cause the computer can not display the outcome on the monitor’s screen. Check it whether or not your computer RAM is in good condition. You can check it by using another good RAM on the computer or use suspected RAM on another computer. Then, compare the performance of the computer between when you use the suspected one and the good one. Sometimes a dusty RAM can also cause the memory not to run properly. Clean the RAM pin regularly using a dry brush or rubber eraser.

5. Too Heavy Antivirus Program

There are various types of antiviruses, and their functions are different each other. In addition to considering the advantages of an antivirus, also note the ability of your computer when choosing a good antivirus. Instead of using both anti-virus and anti-malware, you should also use an antivirus that supports anti-malware services. But it’s much better if you get an antivirus that covers all system protections and know how to remove malware from your computer. This way will save your computer memory space. Read the antivirus system requirements, to know whether or not your RAM capacity is sufficient enough to run the antivirus while you run other applications on your computer.

6. Malware Programs or Computer Viruses

Computer viruses or malware programs are very harmful to the computer. They can make your PC or laptop runs slow, steal data and send it to the creator, and damage your computer system. Computer viruses and malware programs are nuisance programs, and they were created to work with the creators’ interests, usually, steal your data or displaying annoying ads for making money. Such programs are usually running in the background of your computer as to make them invisible to the computer users.

When you run an infected computer, the computer virus or malware will certainly use the computer’s memory. Some malware programs even do request process repeatedly that can make the RAM usage becomes full. Besides, other resources on the computer such as electric power can be wasteful, especially if the malware program makes the computer as an active botnet.

So, it is important for you to install an antivirus on your computer and scan the entire computer partitions periodically. A computer that is connected to the internet is susceptible to the virus or malware attacks. Besides, update the antivirus as usually computer viruses and malware maker update their annoying programs. An antivirus update usually fixes bugs or loopholes in the antivirus programs and adds some detected and reported computer virus names to the database.

7. Update Your Operating System

Just like any other software program, the vendor of your operating system also continues to make some improvements the operating system. The most widely used computer operating system, Windows, is also always updated periodically by Microsoft. So, make sure you always update your computer’s operating system for improving your computer security. Read also; how to check computer security. Operating system updates usually include the solution to the high RAM usage due to many system services run in the background.

8. Update Your Drivers

Drivers are special programs that work to allow the operating system communicate with the computer hardware devices. For example, a sound driver for sound: connect with the speaker or WLAN driver to connect to a wireless network, printer driver, etc. If a driver got a problem such as crashes with the operating system, it could cause high CPU and RAM usage. As a result, the space of the computer memory will be exhausted due to the driver crashes. Update your drivers regularly, to make them compatible with the operating system of your computer.

9. Running Programs in the Background

The number of programs running in the background will also affect the memory usage of your computer. The more programs are running in the background, the greater the memory space will be used. There are many dangerous types of viruses run in the background. Therefore, you can check what programs are running in the background and stop them if you are sure that those programs are not important. This way will increase the free space in the memory.

10. Too Many Addons or Plugins on Your Browser

The plugin is an extension app program to add a particular service or feature to the browser. Whether you need it or not, the plugin will run immediately when your browser is enabled. As a result, the use of your computer memory space will be increasing. For that reason, you should limit the use of plugins on your browser as such case is one of the causes of high ram usage.

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