Accounting Core Subjects for Undergraduate Programs and Its Job Prospects

The accounting major is one of the majors in Social Science. In the past, Accounting major was known as the Bookkeeping major. The accounting major is a branch of economic science. Perhaps, according to common people, taking college in an accounting major are always study about money, but the reality is not always. By language, the understanding of accounting is the process of recording, classifying, and summarizing financial information relating to all transactions and events in a company along with presenting them to be understood by users, both internal (manager), or external (shareholders, potential investors, etc.). You can learn those accounting skills on accounting core subjects that are available in Accounting Colleges or Universities.

That accounting understanding explains an accountant in a company who is one of the people knowing best the company’s internal condition. Therefore, graduates of accounting majors can get paid well the company they are working.

Undergraduate Accounting Program

In the lectures of an undergraduate accounting program, the students will be learning more focus on the knowledge of accounting, finance, business activities, organizing, and the knowledge and competence in the field of computerized accounting.

In addition to getting a variety of accounting studies, the students who are majoring in accounting will get a variety of other subjects such as economics, management, and information technology.

Accounting graduates commonly have the following skills: intellectual skills, technical and functional skills, personal skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, organizational skills, and business management. An accounting graduate should act on the values and behaviors that lead to a commitment to: public interest and the sensitivity to social responsibility; self-development and learning continually; reliable, responsible, timely, and respectful; accounting laws and regulations.

Accounting Core Subjects for Undergraduate Programs

The following is the overview of accounting core subjects in undergraduate Accounting Majors;

Job Prospects in Accounting

The job prospects for accounting graduates are extensive both in the government and private sectors. Below are some overviews of job opportunities for graduates majoring in accounting.


After graduate from an accounting major, you can continue taking a scholarship of accounting by becoming a lecturer in a college. However, to become a college professor, an accounting scholar must continue his or her studies in a Magister Program. Accounting graduates also have the opportunity to work as teachers in public schools or vocational schools.

Civil Servant

Almost every year government agencies have vacancies; there are formations available for graduates majoring in accounting. All government agencies require graduates to handle their financial affairs. The governmental bodies that most need graduates majoring in accounting are The Ministry of Finance and Directorate General of Taxation.

Private Sectors, State Owned Enterprises, and NGOs

Similar to the government agencies, all state-owned enterprises, private companies, and non-governmental organizations require accountants to handle their financial matters. The large sums of money with a variety of sophisticated uses would be very risky if managed by people who are not familiar with accounting. Therefore, accounting graduates are needed in these institutions. Due to the high demand of accounting experts in many sectors either accounting majors are the most favorite and the most expensive majors in many Universities.

Public Accounting Firms

In general, the graduates of Accounting Undergraduate Programs can work as Junior Auditors in Public Accounting Firms such as in business systems or system analysts, accounting information system developers, and also the top managers in Accounting departments. Accounting graduates can also establish a Public Accounting Firm they have had considerable accounting experiences.


There is no limit for graduates of accounting majors to enter other fields in the business world. Therefore, accounting graduates may also open any business enterprise that suits to the interest.

The description of accounting core subjects and accounting job prospects of may open your mind in considering an accounting major. The accounting major is one of the social science majors with a lot of promising job opportunity in the future. So, you need to worry about the jobs in the future if you want to take an accounting major. However, consider about the best Universities for Accounting majors.

Finally, hopefully, this article can be a useful reference for you in considering whether or not to take an accounting major.

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